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Regular Hours

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Sales Associate

Dry Goods


Position:         Sales Associate


Reports To:   Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager


General Purpose

To provide various selling services to customers, in person and over the telephone.


Principal Duties and Responsibilities

–           Provides excellent customer service.


–           Sells at or above sales goals; maintains non-selling goals.


–           Learns about products in the store in order to provide better customer service.


–           Unpacks, displays, and maintains the condition of store merchandise.


–           Cleans and maintains the store and stock areas, including dusting fixtures, sweeping the floor, and cleaning the restroom.


–           Arranges and maintains merchandise displays.


–           Completes markdowns, ticket requests, and other paperwork as necessary.


–           Acts as a member of the store team and projects a positive attitude.


–           Attends store meetings.


–           Functions effectively with occasional supervision.


–           Communicates effectively with customers and other employees.


–           Presents a professional appearance.


–           Maintains a good attendance record, and is rarely tardy; is available for work as requested.


–           Store Management will assign special projects.


–           Follows all Dry Goods policies and procedures.


Physical Demands

–           Performs all duties standing or walking, approximately 6½ hours for the average 8-hour FT shift, and approximately 3 3/4 hours for the average 4-hour PT shift.

–           Sees (must be able to see near and far objects, and discriminate between colors), hears, speaks, and writes to communicate with customers and other employees, and to maintain the security of the store and its merchandise.

–           Pushes and/or pulls rolling garment racks full of new merchandise from the stock area to the sales floor. Average distance ranges from 50 to 325 feet.

–           Lifts and carries approximately up to 50-pound boxes of new merchandise to a new location within the store in order to unpack merchandise for display.

–           Unpacking new merchandise includes repetitive stooping, reaching, grasping, lifting, unwrapping, and folding or hanging garments.  Small hand and finger movements are used to unpack and display smaller garments and accessories.  Task is performed as often as merchandise is received.

–           Lifts and carries approximately 4-10 pound bundles of clothing between racks on selling floor and fitting rooms with each customer.

–           Helps fit items to customers if needed.  May assist customers in putting on or taking off clothing items, including fastening buttons, zippers, hooks, buckles, etc.

–           Fingering keys on cash register to complete each sale, or keys on calculator for other computation as necessary.

–           Folds, wraps, and bags or boxes merchandise purchased by customers.

–           Straightens merchandise using repetitive arm and hand movements to rehang or refold merchandise and to rearrange it in proper size order; uses repetitive finger movements to rearrange small accessories on display and to fasten buttons, zippers, hooks, buckles, etc.  Simultaneous sustained stooping or squatting is necessary when straightening merchandise in lower areas of display fixtures.

–           Lifts and carries approximately 4-10 pound bundles of clothing from racks approximately 4½ feet high to other racks when occasionally rearranging sales floor.  Pushes and pulls full racks, as needed, to make floor layout adjustments.

–           Cleaning includes repetitive hand and arm movements for wiping, dusting fixtures, stooping or crouching to clean lower areas of fixtures, pushing/pulling of an approximately 3 pound non-electric or electric carpet sweeper.

–           Occasionally climbs stairs or ladders in stock room when retrieving merchandise or various supplies for the store, or when changing wall displays within the store.

*          These essential physical functions identify the major physical requirements of the job.  They are not an exhaustive list of all job requirements.  An employee may be called upon to perform physical actions not specifically identified in this job description.


Skills and Knowledge:

Reasoning:      Follows written, oral, or diagrammatic instructions.  Solves problems with several concrete variables.

–           Provides excellent customer service.

–           Cares for store and merchandise.

–           Operates cash register.

–           Demonstrates time management and organizational skills to complete tasks in a timely manner.

–           Motivates himself or herself to perform well – individually and as a team member.

–           Adapts well to a changing, sometimes stressful environment.

–           Previous sales experience is helpful.

–           Demonstrates specific textile knowledge, ability to coordinate and discriminate color schemes, to create and accessorize outfits for customers.

–           To be able to visually design displays and floor moves. Perceive detail in merchandise, objects, etc. for inspecting merchandise for defects or to complete displays for compliance with visual standards.


Mathematics:  Adds, subtracts, multiplies, and divides all units of measure.

–           Calculates and demonstrates average math skills for figuring markdowns, making change for cash for customers, and price adjustments.

–           Collects payments for merchandise.

–           Counts merchandise.


Language:       Communicates with customers, employees, management, and buyers verbally and through written correspondence.

–           Demonstrates good listening skills.

–           Utilizes a tactful manner, in person and on the phone.



–           Deals well with people.

–           Influences people’s opinions, attitudes, and judgments.

–           Maintains a positive attitude.

–           Attains precise goals and standards.

–           Works under specific guidelines.

–           Performs effectively under stress.

–           Performs a variety of duties.


Work Environment

–           Work is performed in a store located in a shopping mall setting.

–           Majority of work is performed on the sales floor.

–           Noise level fluctuates with the amount of customer traffic.  Music is played during hours the store is open to the public.

–           Temperature and humidity can fluctuate, but tend to be cool and dry.

–           Environment is fast-paced, sometimes stressful.

–           Floors are covered by carpet, tile, or other hard surface materials.



–           Uses cash register, calculator, and phone daily.

–           Cleans and maintains store daily using cleaning rags, cleaning solutions specified in the Material Safety Data Sheet Handbook, and a non-electric or electric floor sweeper.

–           Unloads stock for display, when received, using rolling garment racks, a two-wheeled hand cart, and utility knives to open shipping cartons.

–           Uses various fixtures in the store to display merchandise, including bar racks, freestanding display shelves, wall brackets, glass shelving, countertop and freestanding rotating accessory racks, and other specialized accessory racks.

–           Maintains and cares for store merchandise using a garment steamer, iron, spot removing solutions specified in the Material Safety Data Sheet Handbook, and devices to affix tickets to merchandise.

–           Assists in developing visual displays using various tables and cabinets, garment forms, spotlight adjusting device; glass shelving, wall brackets, and ladders are used for wall displays.

–           Wraps customer purchases using tissue paper, boxes, and shopping bags.

–           Uses all equipment, supplies, and materials safely, according to written and verbal safety guidelines.


*These essential job functions identify the major requirements of the job.  They are not an exhaustive list of all job requirements.  An employee may be called upon to perform job tasks involving physical and cognitive skills, or other skills and knowledge not specifically identified in this job description.  An employee may perform job tasks in other work environments, or using equipment, supplies, and materials not specifically identified in this job description.