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Regular Hours

  • Monday - Thursday10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
  • Friday - Saturday10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
  • Sunday11:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Assistant Store Manager

Dry Goods




Position:          Assistant Store Manager


Reports to:      Store Manager, District Manager



General Purpose


Takes responsibility for all store functions, operations, profitability, and customer service.



Principal Duties and Responsibilities


  • Directly supervises all selling and non-selling employees.


  • Coordinates and conducts quality training for new and existing employees.


  • Administers customer service programs; monitors their implementation/ usage.


  • Assists in conducting/witnessing employee performance appraisals fairly and constructively;
    • follows all disciplinary procedures when necessary.


  • Conducts interviews for employment purposes.


  • Makes hiring recommendations, including checking references as needed.


  • Maintains appropriate store staffing levels by monitoring schedules, staff shortages, and customer
    • Forecasts future staffing needs.


  • Monitors store’s visual appearance and cleanliness, according to current standards.


  • Sells merchandise.


  • Performs opening and closing procedures as scheduled.


  • Is aware of and able to conduct emergency evacuation procedures if necessary.


  • Reacts to customer & employee accidents and follows appropriate guidelines.


  • Completes all necessary paperwork in a timely and accurate manner.


  • Handles negative situations effectively and appropriately.


  • Enforces and abides by all Dry Goods policies and procedures.


  • Functions effectively with little supervision.


  • Motivates and trains staff.


  • Makes bank deposits when necessary.


  • May have complete responsibility for store operations in Store Manager’s absence.

Special Projects


As assigned by Store Manager, Vice President.




  • 5-20 selling employees
  • 2-4 non-selling employees


Measurement of Effective Performance


Fulfills goals established by Store Manager, Vice President.  These goals may include areas such as:


  • Sales growth; business analysis


  • Cost control; payroll percent


  • Customer service level, customer feedback and recognition


  • Employee turnover


  • Sales associate effectiveness, CSIP report results


  • Implementation of policies and procedures



Physical Demands


  • Performs all duties standing or walking, approximately 7½ hours for the average 8-hour shift.


  • Sees (must be able to see near and far objects, and discriminate between colors), hears, speaks, and writes to communicate with customers and other employees, and to maintain the security of the store and its merchandise.


  • Pushes and/or pulls rolling garment racks full of new merchandise from the stock area to the sales floor. Average distance ranges from 25 to 75 feet.


  • Lifts and carries approximately up to 50-pound boxes of new merchandise to a new location within the store in order to unpack merchandise for display.


  • Unpacking new merchandise includes repetitive stooping, reaching, grasping, lifting, unwrapping, and folding or hanging garments. Small hand and finger movements are used to unpack and display smaller garments and accessories. Tasks are performed as often as merchandise is received.


  • Lifts and carries approximately 4–10-pound bundles of clothing between racks on selling floor and fitting rooms with each customer.


  • Helps fit items to customers if needed. May assist customers in putting on or taking off clothing items, including fastening buttons, zippers, hooks, buckles, etc.


  • Fingering keys on cash register to complete each sale, or keys on calculator for other computation as necessary.


  • Folds, wraps, and bags or boxes merchandise purchased by customers.


  • Straightens merchandise using repetitive arm and hand movements to rehang or refold merchandise and to rearrange it in proper size order; uses repetitive finger movements to rearrange small accessories on display and to fasten buttons, zippers, hooks, buckles, etc. Simultaneous sustained stooping or squatting is necessary when straightening merchandise in lower areas of display fixtures.


  • Lifts and carries approximately 4-10 pound bundles of clothing from racks approximately 4½ feet high to other racks when occasionally rearranging sales floor. Pushes and pulls full racks, as needed, to make floor layout adjustments.


  • Cleaning includes repetitive hand and arm movements for wiping, dusting fixtures, stooping, or crouching to clean lower areas of fixtures, pushing/pulling of an approximately 3 pound non-electric or electric carpet sweeper.


  • Occasionally climbs stairs or ladders in stock room when retrieving merchandise or various supplies for the store, or when changing wall displays within the store.


*          These essential physical functions identify the major physical requirements of the job.  This is not an exhaustive list of all job requirements.  An employee may be called upon to perform physical actions not specifically identified in this job description.


Cognitive Demands


General Educational Development



Reasoning:       Solves problems with several abstract and concrete variables, using logical or scientific thinking.


    • Interviews and selects employees.


    • Evaluates store’s level of customer service.


    • Evaluates employee performance and potential for advancement.  Makes promotion recommendations and counseling decisions as needed.


    • Inspects store’s visual appearance.


    • Solves various general management problems as they occur.


Mathematics:    Arithmetic calculations involving fractions, decimals and percentages.


    • Calculates and analyzes sales performance figures, sales goals, payroll percentages.


    • Analyzes payroll percentages, sales figures, sales increases.


Language:   Communicates with customers, interviewees, employees, management, merchandising

staff and various outside contact people.


    • Interviews potential employees.


    • Composes original correspondence.




  1. GENERAL LEARNING ABILITY – Understands instructions, can reason and make judgments.


  1. VERBAL APTITUDE – Understands the meaning of words. Knows how to use language effectively.


  1. NUMERICAL APTITUDE – Performs arithmetic operations quickly and accurately.


  1. SPATIAL APTITUDE – Thinks visually to organize floor moves. Understands how floor maps represent three-dimensional object


  1. FORM PERCEPTION – Perceives pertinent detail in objects, or in pictorial or graphic material. Inspects store for compliance with visual standards.


  1. CLERICAL PERCEPTION – Perceives detail in verbal or tabular material. Interprets sales reports, productivity reports.


  1. COLOR DISCRIMINATION – Matches and discriminates between colors. Identifies particular colors or color combinations from memory.  Perceives harmonious or contrasting color combination.




  • Deals well with people.


  • Maintains a positive attitude.


  • Attains precise goals and standards.


  • Makes judgments and decisions.


  • Works under specific guidelines.


  • Directs or plans others’ activities.


  • Performs effectively under stress.


  • Performs a variety of duties.


Skills and Knowledge


  • Performs all duties with customer service in mind.


  • Communicates well with interviewees, customers, employees, management and merchandising staff; demonstrates good listening skills.


  • Motivates self and others to perform well – individually and as a team.


  • Demonstrates strong interpersonal and leadership skills.


  • Demonstrates time management and organizational skills to complete tasks in a timely manner; able to delegate work when necessary.


  • Prioritizes tasks, follows through on projects, meets deadlines.


  • Demonstrates the ability to make sound judgments and decisions.


  • Exercises discretion, and maintains confidentiality.


  • Analyzes problems and offers creative solutions.


  • Adapts well to a changing, sometimes stressful environment.


  • Demonstrates the ability to function effectively with little supervision.


  • Understands Dry Goods customer service policy and all other policies.


  • Demonstrates knowledge of cash register procedures.


  • Merchandising and selling experience is preferred.


Work Environment


  • Work is performed in a store located in a shopping mall setting.


  • Majority of work is performed on the sales floor or in an office.


  • Noise level fluctuates with the amount of customer traffic.


  • Temperature and humidity can fluctuate, but tend to be cool and dry.


  • Environment is fast-paced, sometimes stressful.


  • Floors in store are covered by tile or other hard surface materials.




  • Uses cash register, calculator, and phone system daily.


  • Uses any display or cleaning equipment used by sales associates, or any merchandise transporting equipment in the store’s receiving area as necessary.


  • Uses computer and computer printer daily.


  • Operates store security system when opening and closing the store.


  • Uses various business forms to complete customer transactions or in-store programs.


  • Uses all equipment, supplies, and materials safely, according to written and verbal safety



Preferred Qualifications


  • Previous experience is a retail supervisory position.


  • Experience training, developing, and motivating retail teams.


  • Demonstrated ability to manage store operations independently.


* These essential job functions identify the major requirements of the job.  They are not an exhaustive

list of all job requirements. An employee may be called upon to perform job tasks involving physical and

cognitive skills, or other skills and knowledge not specifically identified in this job description.  An

employee may perform job tasks in other work environments, or using equipment, supplies, and materials

not specifically identified in this job description.  This job description constitutes a good faith effort to

describe essential job functions accurately and completely.