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Pokémon Go Tips & Free Dessert Offer

Published: 07/15/2016

Walden Galleria Tips for Pokémon Go
Walden Galleria is a hotspot for Pokémon! We have two Pokémon Gyms, Four Pokestops, and hundreds of Pokemon to catch, including rare ones!

Now until July 22nd, share a screen shot of your Pokémon at our Customer Service desk to receive a free dessert from BRAVO! Cucina Italiana! While supplies last.

Here are some tips and advantages for Pokemon hunting at Walden Galleria!
Save your data! Walden Galleria offers FREE Wi-Fi. Log into our network by selecting “Walden Galleria WiFi”.

Recharge your battery! Walden Galleria has outlets in various columns across the center. Find these outlets near Apple Court, Lord & Taylor, the HUB area by P.F. Chang’s, and more.

Need a battery pack? Check out Best Buy, our department stores, Microsoft and Apple carry products to portably charge your phone when your battery gets low!

Battery Saving Tips! Turn off sound, disable background apps, and keep the brightness level low to save battery. Pokémon also has a Battery Saver setting, select this!

Enjoy the A/C! Hunting can be a workout that gets hot in the summer sun! Take a cool break with us and enjoy the A/C without giving up the Pokemon search!

4+ PokeStops! Walden Galleria has several Pokéstops. Find them on the upper and lower levels, near our restaurants, as well as surrounding the mall!
2 Pokemon Gyms: Pokémon Gyms are areas where you can build up your Pokémon collection’s strength. We have two gyms in the area but the only hint we will give is one is by the restaurants!

Be aware of your surroundings!
Pokémon Go tells you with a vibration when Pokémon are in the area so you don’t need to be looking at your device the entire time. This way you can shop, eat, or play at Walden Galleria AND catch Pokémon! By being aware of your surroundings, you will be able to play the game safely.

Stay hydrated and replenish with food often! Walden Galleria is a great location for finding several Pokémon as well as a place to stay cool, have access to hydration and food! We have 12 restaurants, a food court, and snacks and on the go shops so you can keep your energy levels up while playing!