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5 Wits Buffalo To Open at Walden Galleria This Spring

Published: 02/07/2017

Where can you beam aboard an abandoned starship, explore an ancient tomb, and come face-to-face with a fire-breathing dragon? Only at 5 Wits Buffalo, a unique, live-action entertainment destination scheduled to open at Walden Galleria in late spring 2017.

5 Wits is an immersive, hands-on experience that allows players to become action heroes in one of three adventures. Players work together as a team to solve a series of fun, physical challenges and puzzles, interacting with realistic, computer-controlled special effects like a bellowing pharaoh or an incoming asteroid storm. Their responses determine how the adventure unfolds, resulting in a different experience each time.

“Players at 5 Wits enjoy being part of an adventure, solving puzzles and engaging with challenges,” said Matt DuPlessie, founder and president of The 5 Wits Companies.

DuPlessie is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with an Engineering degree and has a Master’s in Business Administration from Harvard. He founded 5 Wits in 2003 after managing several museum and theme park design projects, including Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. Today, there are 5 Wits venues in Foxboro, Mass., West Nyack, New York, Syracuse and Albany.

“5 Wits puts players physically in the center of action. It’s immersive, it’s realistic, and it’s unlike any other form of entertainment,” DuPlessie said.

John Pandiscio, Director of Marketing and Advertising for 5 Wits, agreed.

“This is a totally unique addition to the Buffalo entertainment scene,” he said. “5 Wits is similar to an escape room, but with greater realism, higher quality and more compelling storytelling. The changing locations and challenges make visitors feel like they’re heroes in their own action film or video game. This is truly the future of entertainment.”

Three 5 Wits adventures are scheduled for the Buffalo location:


  • Tomb: Enter a 3,000-year-old tomb to take on an angry Pharaoh. Solve ancient puzzles in hieroglyphics and match the Pharaoh at his own game. If you fail, you’ll be trapped in his burial chamber for all eternity!


  • Drago’s Castle: In this medieval-themed adventure, you’ll team up with a tough and smart princess to catch a dragon. Escape the dungeons, solve ancient riddles, and watch out for the fire-breathing dragon while exploring the castle!


  • Deep Space: Teleport to an abandoned space ship, dodge asteroids, rewire the ship, refuel the power core, and match wits with an artificial intelligence program in time to save the world!


5 Wits Buffalo is available for corporate team-building exercises, birthday parties and other private events. Adventures are suitable for anyone age seven and older. For more information, visit http://5-wits.com or call (855) 955-WITS.