Mall Directory

Name Category Phone Map Location
#getfried Food Court 716.681.3697 B2
716 Shop Specialty Retail 716-382-8988 D1
Abercrombie & Fitch Co. Family Fashions 716.683.2530 C2
Aerie Women's Fashions 716.681.7385 A2
Aeropostale Family Fashions 716.685.2087 H2
Against All Odds Family Fashions, Shoes 716.651.0609 A2
Against All Odds Family Fashions 716.651.0609 A2
Against All Odds Shoes 716.651.0609 A2
Aldo Shoes Shoes 716.683.6296 G1
American Eagle Outfitters Family Fashions, Shoes 716.683.3662 D1
American Eagle Outfitters Family Fashions 716.683.3662 D1
American Eagle Outfitters Shoes 716.683.3662 D1
Ancient Spa Specialty Retail 716-449-7030 TH2
Anthropologie Women's Fashions 716.683.2013 H1
Apple Computer 716.685.2762 A1
Arby's Food Court 716.681.6102 B2
Art of Shaving Specialty Retail 716.601.6926 G1
As Seen on TV Gifts, Specialty Retail 716.651.0430 J2
As Seen on TV Gifts 716.651.0430 J2
As Seen on TV Specialty Retail 716.651.0430 J2
AT&T Electronics & Entertainment 716-601-0500 D2
ATM (1st Floor, Cheesecake F.) Bank, ATM & Currency Exchange N/A TH4
ATM (1st Floor, Forever 21) Bank, ATM & Currency Exchange N/A TH1
ATM (1st Floor, Macy's) Bank, ATM & Currency Exchange N/A E1
ATM (1st Floor, Melting Pot) Bank, ATM & Currency Exchange N/A TH2
ATM (1st Floor, P.F. Changs) Bank, ATM & Currency Exchange N/A TH3
ATM (1st Floor, Sears) Bank, ATM & Currency Exchange N/A J1
ATM (1st Floor, Staircase) Bank, ATM & Currency Exchange N/A D1
ATM (2nd Floor, Cust.Service) Bank, ATM & Currency Exchange N/A E2
ATM (2nd Floor, Elevator) Bank, ATM & Currency Exchange N/A C2
ATM (2nd Floor, Food Court) Bank, ATM & Currency Exchange N/A B2
ATM (2nd Floor, Jack Astor's) Bank, ATM & Currency Exchange N/A C2
ATM (2nd Floor, JCPenny) Bank, ATM & Currency Exchange N/A G2
ATM (2nd Floor, near Sears) Bank, ATM & Currency Exchange N/A A1
Auntie Anne's Food Court 716.683.6189 F1
Baby GAP Children's Retail & Accessories 716.684.8525 H2
Banana Republic Family Fashions, Shoes 716.684.4636 H1
Banana Republic Family Fashions 716.684.4636 H1
Banana Republic Shoes 716.684.4636 H1
Bar Louie Dining 716.989.3950 Exterior of Mall, located across from The Melting Pot
bareMinerals Specialty Retail 716.706.0521 TH3 (Lower Level Near Bravo!)
Bath & Body Works Specialty Retail 716.684.1257 D2
Bath & Body Works Lower Level Specialty Retail 716.686.0495 Across from B1
Bath Fitter Specialty Retail N/A J2
BCBG MaxAzria (in Lord & Taylor) Women's Fashions 716-683-0101 1M
Beauty Plus Specialty Retail 716.686.0124 / 716.686.0125 J2
Beauty Plus Too Personal & Professional Services 716.651.9080 G2
Belden Jewelers Jewelry & Accessories 716.683.4860 F2
Best Buy Electronics & Entertainment 716.681.5406 Next to J1
BFLO Gallery Specialty Retail 716-683-5000 B1
Billy Beez Electronics & Entertainment 716-989-5012 B2
Body by Pagoda Personal & Professional Services 716.681.1142 D1
Body Shop (The) Specialty Retail 716.684.8173 A1
Boost Mobile Electronics & Entertainment 716-681-8181 Near D1
BRAVO! Cucina Italiana Dining 716.684.4595 TH3
Brighton Collectibles Gifts, Specialty Retail 716.684.5661 TH3
Brighton Collectibles Gifts 716.684.5661 TH3
Brighton Collectibles Specialty Retail 716.684.5661 TH3
Brookstone Gifts, Specialty Retail 716-683-5910 G1
Brookstone Gifts 716-683-5910 G1
Brookstone Specialty Retail 716-683-5910 G1
Buckle Family Fashions 716.681.1928 D1
Build-A-Bear Specialty Retail 716.686.0242 F1
Cacique Specialty Fashions 716.206.3348 F1
Cameleon Jewelry & Accessories 716.686.9050 E2
Cell Ace Specialty Retail 716.684.6869 Near B2
Champs Shoes, Sporting Goods 716.681.3528 A2
Champs Shoes 716.681.3528 A2
Champs Sporting Goods 716.681.3528 A2
Charley's Grilled Subs Food Court 716.681.3922 B2
Charlotte Russe Shoes 716.681.6490 D1
Chayban Tailors Personal & Professional Services 716.685.8666 E1
Cheesecake Factory (The) Dining 716.685.2600 Next to TH3
Children's Place Children's Retail & Accessories 716.681.7366 A2
Claire's Jewelry & Accessories 716.685.0626 F1
Clarks Shoes 716.681.2609 A1
Coach Specialty Retail 716.684.8035 B1
Colosseum Jewelry Jewelry & Accessories 716.684.8384 F2
Crazy 8 Children's Retail & Accessories 716.683.0598 A2
Customer Service Specialty Retail 716.681.7600 Near Macy's
Customized Teez Specialty Retail 716-685-3258 A2
Dakota Watch Co. Jewelry & Accessories 716.685.3618 F2
Dave & Buster's Dining 716-932-2515 TH4
Dick's Sporting Goods Sporting Goods 716.651.0600 Anchor
DSW Shoe Warehouse Shoes 716.684.7808 J2
Easy Wok Food Court 716.684.4735 B2
Eddie Bauer Sporting Goods 716-681-2170 TH2
EFX Currency Exchange Bank, ATM & Currency Exchange 716.681.8820 Directly next to Customer Service, upper level near Macy's
Emy's Nails Personal & Professional Services 716.683.3958 E2
Euphoria Salon & Spa (Aveda) Personal & Professional Services 716.685.8700 C1
Express Men's Fashions, Women's Fashions 716.685.0416 J1
Express Men's Fashions 716.685.0416 J1
Express Women's Fashions 716.685.0416 J1
Express Men Men's Fashions 716.685.0416 J1
Fabes Sole High Specialty Retail 716-684-0294 C2
Famous Footwear Shoes 716.683.1684 E1
Finish Line Shoes, Sporting Goods 716.235.5847 H2
Finish Line Shoes 716.235.5847 H2
Finish Line Sporting Goods 716.235.5847 H2
Five Guys Burgers & Fries Dining 716.683.5555 Across from TH1
Foot Locker Shoes, Sporting Goods 716.685.0681 F1
Foot Locker Shoes 716.685.0681 F1
Foot Locker Sporting Goods 716.685.0681 F1
Forever 21 Children's Retail & Accessories, Men's Fashions, Women's Fashions 716.686.9280 TH1
Forever 21 Children's Retail & Accessories 716.686.9280 TH1
Forever 21 Men's Fashions 716.686.9280 TH1
Forever 21 Women's Fashions 716.686.9280 TH1
Fossil Family Fashions 716.684.0359 H1
Fracassi Lashes Personal & Professional Services 716.706.5274 E1
francesca's Women's Fashions 716-683-0817 D1
Free People Women's Fashions 716.681.7045 H1
GameStop Electronics & Entertainment 716.685.3655 H2
GAP Family Fashions 716.684.8525 H2
Gap Kids Children's Retail & Accessories 716.684.8525 H2
Garage Women's Fashions 716.683.6987 C1
Gift-ology Gifts, Specialty Retail 716.685.7494 F2
Gift-ology Gifts 716.685.7494 F2
Gift-ology Specialty Retail 716.685.7494 F2
Giorgio Brutini Shoes 716.684.1822 F2
GNC Specialty Retail 716.681.2366 D2
Gordon Biersch Dining 716.683.0050 TH5
GUESS Family Fashions, Shoes 716.681.6707 TH1
GUESS Family Fashions 716.681.6707 TH1
GUESS Shoes 716.681.6707 TH1
Gymboree Children's Retail & Accessories 716.681.2451 F2
H&M Family Fashions, Shoes 855-466-7467 H1
H&M Family Fashions 855-466-7467 H1
H&M Shoes 855-466-7467 H1
Heaven Essence Specialty Retail 716-685-3313 J2
Hollister Family Fashions 716.651.0002 D1
Hot Topic Specialty Retail 716.681.7762 G2
House of Hoops Sporting Goods 716.685.0681 F1
Hugo Boss Shoes 716.684.5210 C1
Icing Jewelry & Accessories 716.685.9132 C2
J.Crew Family Fashions 716.684.8189 B1
J.Jill Jewelry & Accessories, Women's Fashions 716.651.0650 B1
J.Jill Jewelry & Accessories 716.651.0650 B1
J.Jill Women's Fashions 716.651.0650 B1
Jack Astor's Bar & Grill Dining 716.684.7693 C2
JCPenney Department Stores 716.681.5100 Anchor
JCPenney Hair Salon Personal & Professional Services 716.681.1826 Anchor
JCPenney Optical Specialty Retail 716.681.5100 JC Penney
JCPenney Portrait Studio Personal & Professional Services, Specialty Retail 716.683.1574 Anchor
JCPenney Portrait Studio Personal & Professional Services 716.683.1574 Anchor
JCPenney Portrait Studio Specialty Retail 716.683.1574 Anchor
Jewelry Center Jewelry & Accessories 716-681-5700 Near F1
Johnny's Burger Factory Dining 716-601-1913 J2
Jos. A. Bank Shoes 716.681.4620 F2
Journeys Shoes 716.651.0207 J2
Justice Children's Retail & Accessories 716.684.3488 A2
Kay Jewelers Gifts, Jewelry & Accessories 716.681.4924 C2
Kay Jewelers Gifts 716.681.4924 C2
Kay Jewelers Jewelry & Accessories 716.681.4924 C2
Key Bank Personal & Professional Services 716.683.0480 F2
Kids Foot Locker Shoes, Sporting Goods 716.681.2596 A2
Kids Foot Locker Shoes 716.681.2596 A2
Kids Foot Locker Sporting Goods 716.681.2596 A2
L'Occitane Specialty Retail 716.684.2100 TH2
Lady Foot Locker Shoes, Sporting Goods 716.681.0914 D2
Lady Foot Locker Shoes 716.681.0914 D2
Lady Foot Locker Sporting Goods 716.681.0914 D2
Lane Bryant Specialty Retail, Women's Fashions 716.206.3348 F1
Lane Bryant Specialty Retail 716.206.3348 F1
Lane Bryant Women's Fashions 716.206.3348 F1
Laux Sporting Goods Shoes, Sporting Goods 716.683.1697 J2
Laux Sporting Goods Shoes 716.683.1697 J2
Laux Sporting Goods Sporting Goods 716.683.1697 J2
Lee Nails Personal & Professional Services 716.685.6660 A2
Lenscrafters Books, Music & Stationery, Jewelry & Accessories, Personal & Professional Services, Specialty Retail 716.684.3960 E2
Lenscrafters Books, Music & Stationery 716.684.3960 E2
Lenscrafters Jewelry & Accessories 716.684.3960 E2
Lenscrafters Personal & Professional Services 716.684.3960 E2
Lenscrafters Specialty Retail 716.684.3960 E2
Lids Specialty Retail, Sporting Goods 716.684.7368 G1
Lids Specialty Retail 716.684.7368 G1
Lids Sporting Goods 716.684.7368 G1
Limited (The) Women's Fashions 716.685.0170 H1
LOFT Shoes 716.651.0617 G1
Lord & Taylor Department Stores 716.684.5900 Anchor
Lotto-N-More Specialty Retail 716.684.1952 J2
Lucky Brand Jeans Family Fashions 716.681.9646 TH2
lululemon athletica Specialty Fashions, Sporting Goods 716.681.3916 H1
lululemon athletica Specialty Fashions 716.681.3916 H1
lululemon athletica Sporting Goods 716.681.3916 H1
LUSH Specialty Retail 716.683.0391 TH2
Macy's Family Fashions 716.684.6267 Anchor
Made in America Store (The) Specialty Retail 716-681-8200 H2
Melting Pot (The) Dining 716.685.6358 TH1
Michael Kors Women's Fashions 716.686.0800 D1
Microsoft Store Gifts, Specialty Retail 716.706.2280 H1
Microsoft Store Gifts 716.706.2280 H1
Microsoft Store Specialty Retail 716.706.2280 H1
Miracle Eyebrows Personal & Professional Services 651-0161 E2
Miracle Eyebrows Personal & Professional Services 651-0161 B1
Mr. Smoothie Food Court 716.681.9989 B2
Mrs. Field's Food Court 716.683.2192 F2
New York & Company Women's Fashions 716.683.8622 G1
Oakley Men's Fashions, Specialty Retail, Sporting Goods, Women's Fashions 716.681.0669 TH2
Oakley Men's Fashions 716.681.0669 TH2
Oakley Specialty Retail 716.681.0669 TH2
Oakley Sporting Goods 716.681.0669 TH2
Oakley Women's Fashions 716.681.0669 TH2
Old Navy Family Fashions 716.651.4641 J2
Orazio's Italian Crepes Food Court 716.685.2000 B2
Oyishi Japan Food Court 716.683.5642 B2
P.F. Chang's Dining 716.706.0791 TH3
PacSun Family Fashions 716.685.5484 D1
Pandora Gifts, Jewelry & Accessories 716.683.5986 G1
Pandora Gifts 716.683.5986 G1
Pandora Jewelry & Accessories 716.683.5986 G1
Papaya Women's Fashions 716.684.5585 D1
Papyrus Gifts, Specialty Retail 716.651.1983 G1
Papyrus Gifts 716.651.1983 G1
Papyrus Specialty Retail 716.651.1983 G1
Park Avenue Coats Family Fashions 716.681.4627 H2
Payless Kids Shoes 716.684.1672 E2
Payless ShoeSource Shoes 716.684.1672 E2
Perfumania Specialty Retail 716.681.5707 C2
Piercing Pagoda 716.684.0420 Near F1
Pole Position Raceway Electronics & Entertainment 716.683.7223 J2 - Between DSW & Old Navy
Pottery Barn Home Furnishings & Accessories 716.651.4320 G1
Pottery Barn Kids Specialty Retail 716.681.6448 B2
Pretzel Maker Restaurant & Food Specialty 716.681.3803 F2
Regal Cinemas Electronics & Entertainment 716.681.3724 / 781.681.4702 Near A2
Regis Hairstylists Personal & Professional Services 716.683.2420 D2
Salsarita's Food Court 716.684.4484 B2
Sbarro Italian Eatery Food Court 716.685.3238 B2
Sears Department Stores 716.686.6255 Anchor
Sears Automotive Specialty Retail 716.686.6295 Anchor
Sears Optical Specialty Retail 716.686.6255 Anchor
Sephora Specialty Retail 716.651.1923 C1
Skechers Shoes 716.684.0074 D1
Sleep Number Specialty Retail 716-681-4962 C2
Smile Labs Specialty Retail 716-533-2422 F2
Solstice Sunglass Boutique Specialty Retail 716.685.1808 TH1
Soma Intimates Specialty Fashions 716.683.0581 D1
Souvlaki Bros. Food Court 716.681.6200 B2
Spencer's Gifts, Specialty Retail 716.681.7905 F2
Spencer's Gifts 716.681.7905 F2
Spencer's Specialty Retail 716.681.7905 F2
Sperry Top-Sider Shoes 716.681.0942 H1
Sports Obsession Sporting Goods 716.681.3400 D2
Sprint Store by Nexgen Wireless 684-2601 F1
Starbucks Restaurant & Food Specialty 716.685.0791 near D1
streeTgame Shoes 716.684.8829 E1
Subway Food Court 716.685.0541 B2
Sunglass Hut Specialty Retail 716.683.3580 H2
Sunshine & Bluebirds Specialty Retail 651-0800 E1
Swarovski Gifts, Specialty Retail 716.684.0737 C2
Swarovski Gifts 716.684.0737 C2
Swarovski Specialty Retail 716.684.0737 C2
T-Mobile Specialty Retail 716.685.3619 H2
Teavana Restaurant & Food Specialty 716.685.3100 H2
Tee-Shirt University Specialty Retail 716.683.0970 F2
Ten Lives Club Specialty Retail 716.646.5577 F1
Texas de Brazil Dining 716.683.0013 TH5
Things Remembered Gifts 716.683.5645 F2
Tim Horton's Restaurant & Food Specialty 716.651.0135 G2
Torrid Women's Fashions 716.681.8920 TH2
True Religion Jewelry & Accessories, Men's Fashions, Women's Fashions 716.681.2053 TH2
True Religion Jewelry & Accessories 716.681.2053 TH2
True Religion Men's Fashions 716.681.2053 TH2
True Religion Women's Fashions 716.681.2053 TH2
Tuxedo Junction Men's Fashions 716.683.3318 J1
Tuxedo Shop @ Macy's Men's Fashions 716-683-0186 1L
Underground by Journey's Shoes 716.685.0963 G2
Uomo Da Milano Specialty Retail 716.684.6390 D2
Urban Outfitters Family Fashions 716.685.8080 TH1
Vans Family Fashions 716-681-4191 D2
Vera Bradley Gifts, Specialty Retail 716.681.0874 H1
Vera Bradley Gifts 716.681.0874 H1
Vera Bradley Specialty Retail 716.681.0874 H1
Victoria's Secret Specialty Fashions, Specialty Retail, Women's Fashions 716.681.3424 C1
Victoria's Secret Specialty Fashions 716.681.3424 C1
Victoria's Secret Specialty Retail 716.681.3424 C1
Victoria's Secret Women's Fashions 716.681.3424 C1
Victoria's Secret PINK Women's Fashions 716.685.3201 D2
Walking Company (The) Shoes 716.684.9255 TH2
WeFix N Customize Specialty Retail 716-681-5900 E2
Wet Seal Jewelry & Accessories, Women's Fashions 716.681.0293 TH2
Wet Seal Jewelry & Accessories 716.681.0293 TH2
Wet Seal Women's Fashions 716.681.0293 TH2
White House Black Market Jewelry & Accessories, Women's Fashions 716.685.3523 H1
White House Black Market Jewelry & Accessories 716.685.3523 H1
White House Black Market Women's Fashions 716.685.3523 H1
Williams Sonoma Specialty Retail 716.651.0057 B1
Windsor Women's Fashions 716-200-1456 D1
World of Beer Dining 716-683-0947 F2
Yankee Candle Company Gifts, Specialty Retail 716.685.0400 F2
Yankee Candle Company Gifts 716.685.0400 F2
Yankee Candle Company Specialty Retail 716.685.0400 F2
Yogen Fruz 716-380-7454 F2
Zales 716.681.8503 F2
Zumiez Family Fashions, Jewelry & Accessories, Men's Fashions, Women's Fashions 716.651.0438 A2
Zumiez Family Fashions 716.651.0438 A2
Zumiez Jewelry & Accessories 716.651.0438 A2
Zumiez Men's Fashions 716.651.0438 A2
Zumiez Women's Fashions 716.651.0438 A2

Pole Position Raceway

Phone: 716-683-7223



Regal Stadium 16

Phone: 716-681-3724

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The Cheesecake Factory

Phone: 716.685.2600


The Cheesecake Factory at Walden Galleria is an upscale, casual dining atmosphere that offers guests an experience you won’t soon forget. Each and every time you are served generous portions with unlimited, inventive menu selections all made fresh with quality ingredients and served in a warm and casually comfortable setting. The Cheesecake Factory menu boasts more than 200 menu selections made fresh from scratch each day including AppetizersPastasSeafoodSteaksSaladsSandwiches, and more. Enjoy The Cheesecake Factory’s 50 legendary cheesecakes and desserts!



BRAVO! Cucina Italiano

Phone: 716.684.4595


BRAVO! Cucina Italiana at Walden Galleria is upscale affordable dining at its best! At Bravo! you will enjoy great tasting Italian food and inviting atmosphere under a fun, family-friendly Roman ruin decor. BRAVO! specializes its Italian menu on a broad choice of fresh, made- to-order, authentic Italian food for lunch or dinner as well as creative, seasonal specials, Italian take out and event catering.



Bar Louie

Phone: 716.989.3950


Bar Louie is Walden Galleria’s casual, cool neighborhood restaurant and bar which features warm, upbeat surroundings with contemporary décor, modern lighting and a plethora of plasma televisions. It is a favorite gathering place for family and friends. Bar Louie specializes in oversized sandwiches and artfully concocted signature cocktails. They offer an extensive selection of appetizers. Pastas, entrees and a wide assortment of delicious beers, microbrews and wines! Located across from Bravo!






P.F. Chang’s

Phone: 716.706.0791


P.F. Chang’s at Walden Galleria is committed to providing you with an exceptional dining experience every time you walk through the doors. Each dish on the menu is prepared to order using the freshest and highest quality ingredients. At P.F. Chang’s you are surrounded by a unique environment combining influences of Chinese and American cultures. P.F. Chang’s offers a wide variety of food and menu choices including soups/salads, chicken/duck, beef, pork/lamb, seafood, vegetarian, gluten free and more! Enjoy P. F. Chang’s decadent dishes including Crispy Honey Chicken, Mongolian Beef, Wok-Seared Lamb, Salmon Steamed with Ginger, Lemongrass prawns with Garlic noodles or the Buddha’s Feast.  Located on the lower level near GUESS.



Jack Astor’s Bar & Grill                                      

Phone: 716.684.7693


Kick your feet up with a cold beer and our world famous chicken wings while watching the game or, enjoy one of our guest favourites like fajita beef nachos, fresh gourmet burgers, unique sandwiches and juicy steaks. If exciting, new and innovative dishes from around the world is what you are craving, try our authentic Pad Thai, Greek Chicken Salad and our Parmesan Chicken Bowties – you will not be disappointed. At Jack Astor’s, there’s never a dull moment and never a dull menu! Get Fresh!


The Melting Pot                                     

Phone: 716.685.6358 


The Melting Pot offers a dining experience that is truly unique and unlike any other.  A unique, interactive dining experience creates memorable moments with family and friends and you will be graced with the time to discover new things about the people you thought you knew. This fondue restaurant invites conversation, laughter and coming together. Guests can enjoy a choice of fondue cooking styles and a variety of unique entrees, salads and indulgent desserts.  The Melting Pot is known for its decadent chocolate fondues including Cookies ‘n Cream Marshmallow Dream, Flaming Turtle, Chocolate S’mores and Bananas Foster.  Located on the lower level near GUESS.


Gordon Biersch  

Phone: 716.683.0050  


Gordon Biersch prides itself on fresh, hand crafted beer and premium, made-from-scratch food all served up in a friendly and fun atmosphere. Featuring German lagers and ales, handcrafted and brewed to perfection, Gordon Biersch goes to great lengths to serve each guest the freshest beer possible. Gordon Biersch’s commitment to giving each guest exceptional service and hospitality is summed up in their motto "Every Guest, Every Time." Located next to Bar Louie. 


Five Guys Burgers

Phone: 716.683.5555


This favorite restaurant serves hand-formed burgers cooked to perfection on a grill along with fresh-cut fries cooked in pure peanut oil. This little burger joint was voted the # 1 burger in the metro area. Five Guys is the place to get a fresh, juicy burger with all the toppings you can stuff between fresh-baked buns!


Texas de Brazil                                                       

Phone: 716.683.0013        


Texas de Brazil at Walden Galleria is carving a new experience in fine dining. The restaurant is an authentic Brazilian-American "Churrascaria" or steakhouse that combines the cuisines of Southern Brazil with the generous spirit of Texas. 

Treat yourself to our 50-60 item seasonal salad area including appetizers, gourmet vegetables, soups, and salads. Turn your place card to green and prepare to be swarmed by a troop of carvers generously serving various cuts of seasoned beef, lamb, pork, chicken and Brazilian sausage, all accompanied by traditional side items and house-baked Brazilian cheese bread. As you dine endlessly on Brazilian fare, let one of our in-house wine connoisseurs select the perfect pairing from our extensive, award-winning wine lists, or sip on a freshly-made signature cocktail-the Caipirinha. Complete your dining experience with one of our many decadent dessert selections, and then relax with an after-dinner drink, steaming espresso or a hand-rolled cigar and enjoy the ambiance and service perfection that is uniquely Texas de Brazil.


Coffee Culture Café & Eatery                                         

Coffee Culture Café & Eatery is a European style café providing a cozy and comfortable atmosphere with an experience that is dedicated to fast, and friendly service. At Coffee Culture Café & Eatery we take pride on providing fresh baked goods, delicious gourmet sandwiches and wraps, and of course rich, high quality Coffee! With a wide variety of options, we welcome you to "Come for the Taste, and Stay for a Visit". Located on the lower level, across from Forever 21. 






World of Beer 

At World of Beer, we’ve got 50 craft beers on tap, over 500 in the cooler and a menu of tasty tavern fare that’s crafted to go perfectly with beer. And whether you’re a beer master or just beer curious, our insanely knowledgeable staff is here to guide you through every last pint, pour, and pairing. So c’mon. Let’s go. Because there’s no better place to go around the world, one sip at a time. NOW OPEN!



Food Court


Charley's Steakery

Easy Wok

Mr. Smoothie


Orazio's Italian Crepes

Oyishi Japan


Sbarro- The Italian Eatery


Souvlaki Bros.


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Stadium 16

Phone: 716.681.3724

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